Slide 8 Ominous storm clouds form over Murder Ridge Slide 1 Early morning view of the ranch as fog moves up the Gualala River from the Pacific Ocean Slide 2 The wine, 2013 Perli Vineyards Zinfandel Slide 9 The vineyards, small islands of grapes in a sea of wilderness Slide 4 Syrah grapes ready for harvest Slide 3 Our foreman Adrian, readies the morning harvest for shipment to the Winery Slide 5 This little guy is a nightly visitor to the Murder Ridge Pinot Noir vineyard Slide 6 A classic Murder Ridge morning — Fog moving in from the Pacific Ocean Slide 7 Murder Ridge — Where the wild things are… a recent vineyard visitor Slide 10 This Black Bear, a harvest time connoisseur of Murder Ridge apples Slide 8 Salute!


Fear Not The Wax

Simply insert a standard corkscrew directly through the wax into the cork and turn. The wax and cork will be removed cleanly. Enjoy!