Savor this unique wine sourced from a hidden gem known as Mendocino Ridge.  This non-contiguous isolated appellation is the epitome of high elevation coastal farming.   The rugged and steep hillsides require costly and extreme farming techniques, but the result is grapes which are highly sought by premium winemakers.  Low vigor vines produce small sized, loosely packed clusters with tiny berries creating wines with unique flavors from this distinct microclimate – just nine miles from the Pacific Ocean, as the crow flies . . .  Above the fog and closer to the sun, with all its glory, Mendocino Ridge is truly about Farming in the Wilderness™.

Fear Not The Wax

Simply insert a standard corkscrew
directly through the wax into
the cork and turn. The wax and
cork will be removed cleanly.


2015 Murder Ridge Maylena

60 cases produced

Varieties: 43% Syrah, 42% Petit Sirah, 9% Merlot, 6% Zinfandel

Vineyard:  Perli

Bottled:  August 31, 2017

Cooperage: 68% one year old, 32% neutral

Exclusively French Oak Barrels

Price:  $45


Inviting floral very berry nose consisting of intense aromas of boysenberry and raspberry with hints of violet. Silky rich tannins showcase bright flavors of stone fruits with a mineral backbone. An intriguing Syrah based blend exhibiting depth, balance and subtle intensity . . . and so appropriately named in honor of Leslie’s daughters, Maya and Elena.

2016 Murder Ridge Pinot Noir

120 cases produced

Vineyard:  Perli and Gianoli

Bottled:  August 31, 2017

Cooperage: 20% one year old, 80% old

Exclusively French Oak Barrels

Price:  $48


Dark crimson in appearance with inviting aromas of wild cherry and hints of clove. Velvety tannins showcase intense flavors of plum and raspberry of this multi-dimensional wine.  An opulent mid-palate layered with bright berry notes and creamy tannins exhibits the characteristic fresh acidic core indicative of the Mendocino Ridge appellation.  Minimally handled and sustainably farmed, this artisan wine is a classic example of high elevation Pinot Noir.

2015 Murder Ridge Zinfandel

70 cases produced

Vineyard:  Perli

Bottled:  May 16, 2017

Cooperage: 30% one year old, 70% neutral

Price:  $38

Exclusively French Oak Barrels

This complex, elegant Zin exudes inviting notes of violet and rose petal aromas, so characteristic of wines from Perli Vineyards. Bright raspberry and stone fruit flavors are interwoven with layers of sweet tannins, allspice and black pepper. A smooth full-bodied palate integrates the high elevation crisp acidic core with bold, fruit forward notes and a touch of minerality.

2015 Murder Ridge Wildlands Zinfandel

50 cases produced

Vineyard:  Perli & Fashauer

Bottled:  May 16,  2017

Cooperage: 50% one year old, 50% neutral

Price:  $35

Exclusively French Oak Barrels

A bright food friendly Zinfandel with hints of dried cherry, citrus and raspberries.  A beautiful floral perfumey nose leads to crisp clean flavors structured with a mineral backbone. Grapes from Fashauer Vineyard are a classic old Italian field blend – Zinfandel with a smattering of Carignane, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Petite Sirah, which enhances the richness and complexity of Perli Vineyards Zinfandel.