Question 3 Answer
Our Riddle Comes To An End

The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Our game of Horror Trivia Pursuit has come to an end.  We greatly appreciate all who participated in solving riddles that varied from mainstream subjects to obscure facts, separating pop culture from film noir.  Julie K.   “killed” it, by answering every riddle correctly — she’s truly a Murder Ridge disciple!  A murderous high- five to the disciples still in training – Tanya, Nate, Terra, Kevin and the other fellow participants. We found your replies quite amusing.  The answer to Riddle #3 is: The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, formally the Mendocino State Asylum for the Insane.  The 80’s alternative rock band is 10,000 Maniacs whose cover of “ Because the Night” was written by the Boss and Patti Smith.  Go to Our Story for the chilling details.