Lab Nerd Gone Wild

Leslie Going Old School

     This harvest I changed up things a bit and chose to become more hands on with the winemaking process.  Being  vertically challenged to start, I welcomed the opportunity to push my physical limitations (which aren’t very far) by …

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Fear Not The Wax

Simply insert a standard corkscrew directly through the wax into the cork and turn. The wax and cork will be removed cleanly. Enjoy!

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California Wine Strong

To date, 43 people have died, nearly 9,000 homes have been destroyed, up to 200,000 acres have burned and 100,000 people were forced to evacuate in Northern California since the wind fueled firestorms broke out the night of Oct. 8, …

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Night Harvest

This bear, caught here on camera harvesting prune plums late at night, raised havoc in our vineyards this year. Besides prunes and apples, Syrah seems to be his preferred grape. While visiting vineyards he crushed fences, broke gates, ripped down …

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A New Meaning for Waxing

One of the mantras of Murder Ridge Winery is to keep business simple and close to kin.  So, what does a parent do with a group of bored teenagers over winter break?  We offer them the opportunity to work with …

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Question 3 Answer: The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Question 3 Answer
Our Riddle Comes To An End

Our game of Horror Trivia Pursuit has come to an end.  We greatly appreciate all who participated in solving riddles that varied from mainstream subjects to obscure facts, separating pop culture from film noir.  Julie K.   “killed” it, by …

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Question 3

Our disturbing story ends at this historical site that still exists today. Part of the moniker of this expansive center is  found in the name of an 80’s alternative rock group whose famous cover song was written by Bruce Springsteen and Patti …

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Answer To Question 2: Ax

Question 2: Answer

Kudos to all of you who guessed Lizzy Borden.  Who would have known her picture is so infamous?  However, we were looking for an object — that being an ax.  So Nate, Molly, Terra and Tanya correctly guessed the answer …

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She's bold, she's beautiful, she's brazen
with her legendary tool.

Question 2

She’s bold, she’s beautiful, she’s brazen with her legendary tool. Now, dig deep into your rock ‘n’ roll horror trivia.  Not only did this object bring the lovely lady pictured instant fame, it is also the second half of the …

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