A New Meaning for Waxing

One of the mantras of Murder Ridge Winery is to keep business simple and close to kin.  So, what does a parent do with a group of bored teenagers over winter break?  We offer them the opportunity to work with hot wax and perhaps some compensation.  How could they resist such temptation?  The answer is, there was no other option.  After some juicy high school gossip and a marathon of “Glee” tunes we managed to wax nearly 90 cases of wine in a day.   Listening to all the giggles and small talk, caused me to reminisce about those carefree days of youth and the importance of living in the moment.  After  these teen slaves of technology adjusted to actual engaging in conversations sans phones,  their funny, intelligent and quirky sides were delightfully revealed.     I haven’t heard so much laughter in a while.   Cheers to youth!